All course fees must be paid in full or payway form must be completed and returned by week two of the student commencing the course.

Modelling or Dancing 20 week courses:
1 hour course: $ 385.00 up front
Payment plan / Payway – Monthly instalments
5 x payments only
$83.00 per month x 5 months

Family discount/ two courses or more discounts:
Please note: Discounts are only available on 20-week courses:
1x course: $385.00
2x courses: $577.50 / 5 x monthly instalments = $121.50
3x courses: $962.5 / 5 x monthly instalments = $198.50
4x courses: $1155 / 5 x monthly instalments  = $237

Please note: Payway forms / monthly instalments forms must be newly completed every semester. All forms are required to be returned back to you studio on week of the course.